There’s a lot of reasons why you need to consider keeping up your crawlspace even if nobody sees it. The majority of your home’s air gets in via your crawlspace. If you have a moldy, dirty, or moist crawlspace, it could result in reduced air quality in your property. Apart from that, making sure that your crawlspace is maintained can’t just make your air be always healthy, but treating it well can also save you over time in terms of electrical bills. To achieve that, here are some tips you should do to maintain your crawlspace: 

Remove debris 

As people repair or construct their houses, they sometimes tend to keep unused material in their crawlspaces without knowing its possible effect. Sadly, such debris can possibly entice pests, causing you to have a hard time using your crawlspace. Hence, you need to clear your crawlspace as much as possible. You can actually do so using many techniques to maintain it in its tip-top shape. However, minimizing moisture in your crawlspace can help enhance your home’s air quality. You can also consider expert contractors who can help you treat your crawlspace to save you the hassle and time.  

Set up a vapor barrier 

You can help remove moisture and prevent it from occurring by installing a vapor barrier. They need to be sealed well and utilized in combination with dehumidifying methods. If you don’t know how to properly do this, do not hesitate to hire a contractor to help you install a vapor barrier and keep up your crawlspace.   

Keep pests out 

You have to ensure that mice and insects won’t reach into your crawlspace since they can cause several damages. Such pests tend to chew wood, wires, and even on insulation. Thankfully, you can somehow keep them at bay by minimizing moisture. However, you need to seal up gaps and cracks—small or big—that you can find in the walls that can possibly provide access to pests.  

Insulate your crawlspace 

Insulating your crawlspace can assist to regulate your home temperature as it helps keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Insulation comes in various types that greatly function in various situations. If you want to maintain your crawlspace, insulation is a vital part.  

Control moisture 

Though moisture looks like it is harmless, it can actually do a lot of damage to your home structure. Moisture can result in mold development that can eventually make indoor air less healthy, cause allergies, and damage your home. Thus, controlling the moisture of your crawlspace is the first thing you can do to protect your environment.  

Also, you have to guarantee that your gutters lead water farther form your home and that your sidewalks are elevated for water to run away from your crawlspace. Take some time to research about curtain drains as well. Such solutions can guarantee that your crawlspace will be dry.  

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