The main role of a foundation is to transfer the entire building’s weight to the soil underneath. However, homeowners often need to hire a professional foundation repair contractor since basements usually settle improperly.  

Irregular maintenance, transpiration, erosion, poorly compacted fill material, poor construction, and compressed soil are a couple of the aspects that cause an imbalanced foundation settlement. Another reason is undetected or unsuspected air pockets in the ground. Today, we are going to share with you some of the most common foundation repair Baltimore MD methods that professional use. 

Piling in Foundation Repair 

The method of piling is preferred for resettling the foundation. Concrete piers and steel are the tools utilized for this foundation repair technique. But, these two pier components have a lot of differences. Professional foundation contractors utilize helical piers. To obtain proper stability, professional foundation repair technicians use excavation to install helical piers. Piers are driven into the soil. This will help improve the strength of the building and lower movement in the future.  

Sealants in Foundation Repair 

Small cracks can be treated with masonry patches or sealants. However, routine maintenance is extremely important. Polyurethane, epoxy, and hydraulic cement are a couple of the most popular sealers. These are often utilized in the construction industry to seal cracks. For minor cracks, masonry patches are the most ideal technique to use.  

Slab Jacking in Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair 

One popular method in foundation repair is slab jacking. The purpose of this method is to lift one side of the concrete slab to re-level it. professionals add a combination to concrete by adding additives and water in the slab jacking process. Then, they place the final mix to the portable pump. Then, they will transfer it to a particular area. Lastly, the professionals will pump the mixture into the drilled holes. They will refill the mixture once the pump is empty.  

The slab jacking method with the use of polyurethane can be your ideal bet if you want to choose a less stress-free method. It doesn’t require the steps mentioned earlier. The only process it includes is the injection of the foam inside the holes. Rather than hauling a lot of materials with heavy machinery, this process is simple and fast. Aside from that, it’s less evasive for the clients.  

Steel Pressed Piling 

Professional foundation repair technicians galvanize piling piers. With the help of helical piers and hydraulic ram, they will then drive coated steel pips into the soil. When it comes to steel pressed piling, professionals will have to dig a trench around the foundation and drive the steel pile until it reaches an appropriate stable point. In addition to that, they utilize a hydraulic jack to bring back the foundation to its regular position. Lastly, professional foundation repair contractors repair the steel shaft to the foundation by welding or bolting.  

If you’ve got foundation issues, you should not neglect them. Keep in mind that your foundation is one of the most important parts of your house. Fixing the problem right away will help you prevent costly repairs in the future.