S0z0 special

Don't let you past follow you into 2018! Sozo sessions are spirit-led inner healing sessions with one or two team members that help you connect with Father God, break off lies and ungodly beliefs, overcome fears and discover who you really are. 

For January and February only, sessions are only $25 per session (normally $50). Must sign up HERE up by January 31.

Payment is due at the time application is submitted. Sessions are available on Saturday mornings and certain Wednesday evenings, sign up early for the best selection!


SOZO (the Greek word meaning "saved, healed, delivered") is a unique inner healing ministry aimed at helping people get to the root of things hindering their personal connection with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Trained team members facilitate this unique experience for individuals to receive full healing in order to walk in the destiny to which they have been called. SOZO is not counseling or therapy - team members empower individuals to hear directly from the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

If you have questions and would like to reach out to our Sozo team directly, feel free to email newhopesozo@gmail.com

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We are certified by Bethel Sozo in Redding, CA and we are a member of their regional network. More information can found at: bethelsozo.com.

Karen Welton

Karen Welton is the director of the Rochester Sozo Team at New Hope Community Church. She and her husband, Jonathan Welton, are the founders and teachers of Welton Academy (Welton Academy), an online bible school with over 1,500 students around the world. Karen travels nationally and internationally speaking about identity, healing the heart, and discovering what you were born for. She is passionate about women's issues: birth, sex trafficking and slavery, and empowering women in church. She is also a doula (ie: birth coach) and the founder of Pain Free Birth, a movement to bring awareness that birth does not have to be scary or painful. When Karen is not traveling, attending a birth, or teaching sozo, she is usually home chasing her two young daughters around the house.