New Hope Life Groups

Looking for a place to share your heart in a more intimate setting? At New Hope, we believe there is more to friendship with church friends than on a Sunday morning. Find a life group that's a good fit for you!

  • Relationship building

    Leaders: Howard & Joyce Seaman

    When: 1st & 3rd Wednesday, 7:30PM

    Description: We want to grow in relationship with God and each other. This is a time to worship God and pray with each other. It's a safe place to share your heart, speak into each other's lives, and share accountability. It will involve snacks, fellowship, and fun!

    Contact: Howard:, Joyce:

  • Digging Deeper

    Leaders: Tony & Susan Martorana

    When: Mondays 7 PM starting Oct 1st

    Description: This group will be following up and digging deeper into Sunday’s message.  We will enjoy fellowship and prayer for one another.  Located in New Hopes Prayer Room

    Contact: |

  • friendship, fun, and laughter

    Leaders: Ralph & Wanda VanAuken

    When: TBD

    Description: A time to grow in friendship and relax with one another! Our group centers around games and activities.



    Leader: Diane Powell

    When: 2nd & 4th Friday evenings, 7PM

    Description: This is a group for women only.  We start with a simple meal and end in prayer.  In-between we share life, come alongside each other, laugh, practice being real, laugh a bit more, build community!  This fall our discussions will be centered on the book, “Strengthen Yourself in the Lord”.  We meet on the city’s east side. 


  • Sam &Jane

    Leaders: Sam & Jane Pernicano
    When: TBD
    Description: With the immediacy of Internet searches and ease of handheld devices, the custom of memorizing Scripture may not seem necessary, but best-selling author Robert J. Morgan makes an airtight case for reviving this rewarding practice in his book: “100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know by Heart”
    Contact: | 585-478-2589

  • Many Members One body

    Leaders:  Bill & Carol Royall
    When: 1st & 35r Wednesday @ 7 PM
    Description: using Romans 12 as our anchor we desire to gather together to discover what is our "reasonable service." to recognize individual gifting's and help connect together with one another. we want to pray, sing and be together
    Contact:, 585-797-8103             , 585-797-8102

  • Mike Bardeen, Deb & Tom Accorso

    Leaders: Mike Bardeen, Hosted by deb and tom
    When: 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month
    Description: Our group seeks to be a cross-generational community that desires intentional relationships with each other. At our core is Acts 2:17. We want to get to know each other and grow in a way that we are able to speak into each other's lives that encourages and draws out the dreams, visions, and prophecies God has placed within us. 
    Contact: Mike: 585-967-2104 | Debbie: 585-733-3045 | Tom: 585-967-6574

  • fun, food, & discovery

    Leaders: Jim & Heidi Schukraft
    When: 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month
    Description: Our focus is “to do life together”. Let’s come together and build community with one another! We’ll eat some, share some, laugh some, learn some. 
    Contact: |

  • Wake rochester

    Leaders: Will & Rachel La Monaca
    When: 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the Month
    Description: Wake is a gathering of young adults every Friday night.  Come to grow as a family and encounter the Holy Spirit