New Hope Life Groups

Looking for a place to share your heart in a more intimate setting? At New Hope, we believe there is more to friendship with church friends than on a Sunday morning. Find a life group that's a good fit for you!

  • Relationship building

    Leaders: Howard & Joyce Seaman

    When: 1st & 3rd Wednesday, 7:30PM

    Description: We want to grow in relationship with God and each other. This is a time to worship God and pray with each other. It's a safe place to share your heart, speak into each other's lives, and share accountability. It will involve snacks, fellowship, and fun!

    Contact: Howard:, Joyce:

  • Games and Adventure

    Leaders: Jason & Desiree Harris

    When: Every 3rd Saturday of the month 2 pm

    Description: Ready to explore and have a good time with new friends? Whether it's going for a hike, a swim, or playing a rousing board game, come to the Harrises to adventure in life together. We'd love to get to know you! Meet at our house and we'll carpool to our adventure together!


  • friendship, fun, and laughter

    Leaders: Carl & Nancy Ast

    When: Meets Once Monthly TBD

    Description: A time to grow in friendship and relax with one another! Our group centers around games and activities.



    Leader: Diane Powell

    When: 2nd & 4th Friday evenings, 7PM

    Description: This is a group for women only.  We start with a simple meal and end in prayer.  In-between we share life, come alongside each other, laugh, practice being real, laugh a bit more, build community!  This fall our discussions will be centered on the book, “Strengthen Yourself in the Lord”.  We meet on the city’s east side. 


  • Book Study

    Leaders: Sam & Jane Pernicano
    When: Tuesday Nights @ 7 Seasonal
    Description: Available for all ages. Come dig into a great book with friends. We will learn and grow together on topics we are reading
    Contact: | 585-478-2589

  • Ladies and Wings

    Leaders:  Carol Royall
    When: 2nd Tuesday Every Month
    Description: We will meet at various local restaurants as well as my home. It will always involve wings, conversation, support, and encouragement. From 5:30 on with enough time to get home for "This is Us"
    Contact:, 585-797-8102

  • Mike Bardeen, Deb & Tom Accorso

    Leaders: Mike Bardeen, Hosted by deb and tom
    When: 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month
    Description: Our group seeks to be a cross-generational community that desires intentional relationships with each other. At our core is Acts 2:17. We want to get to know each other and grow in a way that we are able to speak into each other's lives that encourages and draws out the dreams, visions, and prophecies God has placed within us. 
    Contact: Mike: 585-967-2104 | Debbie: 585-733-3045 | Tom: 585-967-6574

  • fun, food, & discovery

    Leaders: Jim & Heidi Schukraft
    When: 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month
    Description: Our focus is “to do life together”. Let’s come together and build community with one another! We’ll eat some, share some, laugh some, learn some. 
    Contact: |

  • Young Adults

    Leaders: Mark & Brittany Rumph
    When: 1st & 3rd Thursday of the Month 7 PM
    Description: The Young Adults Group is Home group designed for individuals aged 18-35. The mission of the group is to create a sense of community among the Christ-Loving young adults. We create a safe space to ask questions, get prayer, practice/ activate your gifts, and walk through life in connection with each other. We also cultivate a culture of fun with group outings, game nights, and meals as a group.